The Defenitive Corporate Credit Resource including the TrueBuild Program

Many companies that advertise corporate credit and promote amounts you will receive but they cannot deliver because they are not the lender. Most companies advertise they will obtain an 80 paydex score. This is just one of 5 scores needed and with only a paydex score you will not achieve your goals. All scores must be in proportion to your business credit. A large portion of our new customers are from our competitors who under delivered or didn’t deliver at all. This resulting in many clients having us finish or repair damage done costing an additional investment in their company’s credit profile. No credit builder can guaranteed an amount because they are not the lenders. Only the lenders will determine what credit your company can service or if it can obtain a business credit card.

The first step in building corporate credit with our program is to check business compliance. This all depends on what type of business you operate and where it is. These are Federal, State as well as local compliance requirements. You complete the welcome packet, perform the requested tasks, and provide the references as required. The compliance checklist can be anywhere from 250 to 1,000 points, making it impossible to provide any definitive list to our customers on our website. So, we will proceed once we have received your completed application.

Secondly, requirements that the credit bureaus have will be checked for you. Another checklist that depends on several factors related to your business. This is done for at least 6 credit bureaus, please see the list below of some of the agencies we work with.

  • D&B™
  • BusinessCreditUSA™
  • Equifax™
  • Experian Business™

Once we have completed your government and credit bureau compliance checks, we can start to list your business with the credit bureaus, which then starts the establishment of your new credit profile – separating your personal credit from your business. Being listed with the credit bureaus can take some businesses years and even those that have been around for a long time may still not be listed with any of the major business credit bureaus.

Once the credit bureaus know who you are, your credit profile can be developed. This starts by getting credit. Our consultants work with you and our database of thousands of companies who are willing to extend credit to your business. From furniture leases, retail credit cards, lines of credit with suppliers and service vendors to small business loans, by cooperating with your consultant you WILL receive credit from some of these companies, who then report to the credit bureaus.

For some of our corporate credit programs, you will work with a team of business coaches who will help set reasonable goals and give you action items to complete, as well as follow up with you to ensure progress. During this time, your financial statements will be reviewed so that all necessary documentation is ready to present when applying for credit with more companies.

We do offer an upgraded business credit program where almost all of the work is done for you. You simply sign applications and mail them in. All of the preparation and applications are completed for you and we do all the work!

Most of our clients report back over a 90% satisfaction rate with our business credit program. 4 to 6 months is typically how long it takes before true corporate credit profiles have been created, however, with your help, we can often complete the process in 2 to 4 weeks. You can enjoy all of the benefits of the program right away.